No such thing
The beauty of defiance

Part 1: In which Liam marches straight out (in his head)

Part 2: Sex

Part 3: In which Liam’s stomach settles low

Part 4: Pints

Part 5: In which Liam gets it up (hard)

Part 6: Coffee

Part 7: In which Liam rips up and marches in

Part 8: Soup

Part 9: In which Liam comes undone (comme un cadeau)

Part 10: Breath

Part 11: Interlude (“For a pocket full of mumbles“)

Part 12: Clothes

Part 13: In which Liam scores and flies (high up, high)

Part 14: Flowers

Part 15: In which Liam loses it (whatever it is)

Part 16: Beds

Part 17: Interlude (“Who stole the soul from the sun?”)

Part 18: Funerals

Part 19: In which Liam doubles over

Part 20: Kebabs

Part 21: In which Liam takes up knitting

Part 22: Stubble

Part 23: In which Liam stays awake

Part 24: Trains

Part 25: Epilogue (“We’ll take the sun in the morning”)